Nervous birds/Nervos à flor da pele

Turns out that it wasn’t an exhaust pipe, but an actual motorcycle theft that set off the panic:

Crime is down significantly in Rio this year compared to last, although there have been some questions about the statistics. Some homicides may be going uncounted. People in the South Zone say overwhelmingly that they do feel safer now than they did last year, although the August 21 events in São Conrado shook everyone up. What follows was my post last night.

It can take a mere faulty exhaust pipe on a motorcycle in a tunnel under Rocinha to send people running scared:

Globo says the police checked out tunnel and surroundings and that all is well. What is well? We’ve come a long way in Rio, but it’s all very tentative. Rio’s state attorney general announced indictments today for the nine men involved in the shooting and invasion of the Intercontinental Hotel August 21, held in a prison in northern Brazil, plus their chief “Nem”, still at large.

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American journalist, writer, editor who's lived in Rio de Janeiro for 20 years.
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