Balanço da Lei Seca após dois anos/ New drunk driving law reduces Rio death rate

New Behavior / Novo comportamento

It’s been two years since the federal drunk driving law went into effect, and the news is fabulous. According to the accountability NGO Rio Como Vamos, Rio’s accident death rate was down the first half of this year over 2009 by 13.72%. Comparing this past semester to the same period in 2008, when the Lei Seca (Dry Law) hadn’t yet been implemented, the drop is 23.41%. This, despite the fact that you can easily find out on Twitter just where the checkpoints are on a given night. The law prohibits drivers from consuming more than 0.1 milligram of alcohol per liter of air, as measured by a breathalyzer.  Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed, drunk drivers are subject to fines, loss of license, and arrest.

De acordo com a ONG fiscalizadora do Rio de Janeiro, Rio Como Vamos,, o número de mortes na cidade caiu no primeiro semestre deste ano, comparado com 2009, em 13,72%. A comparação deste ano com igual período de 2008, antes da implementação da Lei Seca, resulta numa queda maior, de 23,41%. Excelente resultado, sobretudo quando se considera que a Twitter informa a quem quiser saber a localização das tendas Lei Seca.

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