Real estate boom is happening in “pacified” favelas, too

Gentrification is called “white removal” in Portuguese. Or just gentrificação.

The Estado de São Paulo reports on what could become a major problem in the city’s South Zone. As “pacified” areas become integrated into the rest of the city, favela residents are for the first time having to pay for light, cable tv and water. Their low wages don’t cover the cost. Then what?

At the same time, favela residents are finding their homes can be enlarged and improved, and rented out for increased income– even to tourists.

Social UPP coordinator Sílvia Ramos says the government is negotiating with utility providers and that “pacification” must be expanded quickly, ostensibly to increase the low income housing supply in safe areas.

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American journalist, writer, editor who's lived in Rio de Janeiro for 20 years.
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1 Response to Real estate boom is happening in “pacified” favelas, too

  1. tite de lamare says:

    Questão oportunissima. Onde estarão os limites do morro e do asfalto sob este prisma?

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