Fotos exclusivas de esquadrão anti-bomba em Ipanema/Exclusive photos of anti-bomb squad in Ipanema

[UPDATE/ATUALIZAÇÃO] O Globo reports the boxes were part of an ad campaign, and that the bomb squad found a key inside the first box, pictured below. Here is coverage from O DiaDe acordo com O Globo, as caixas faziam parte de uma campanha publicitária, e o esquadrão anti-bomba encontrou uma chave dentro da primeira caixa, nas fotos abaixo. A cobertura de O Dia está aqui.

10:00 A.M. An apparent explosion is heard in Ipanema. Any other week it would be shrugged off as an electric transformer gone haywire. Today, people think the worst and run to the window; some go down to see what caused it.

10 horas. Ouve-se uma aparente explosão em Ipanema. Em qualquer outra semana, seria um algum problema transformador da Light. Hoje, todos pensam no pior e correm às janelas. Alguns tomam coragem para descer e ver o que causou o barulho.

According to passersby, three large wooden boxes had mysteriously appeared in three different spots, two in Ipanema, one in Copacabana. Apparently there was nothing inside, but the noise heard was made by the bomb squad when it opened one box, in the Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz.

De acordo com transeuntes, três caixas grandes de madeira haviam aparecido misteriosamente em três locais diferentes, dois em Ipanema e um em Copacabana. Aparentemente não havia nada dentro, mas o barulho que se ouviu foi resultado do trabalho do esquadrão de bomba, ao abrir uma delas, na Praça Nossa Senhora da Paz.

“This is too much,” said a woman walking her dog in the park. “They should kill all these criminals.”

“Isso é demais,” disse uma senhora, passeando seu cachorro na praça. “Deviam matar todos esses bandidos.”

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3 Responses to Fotos exclusivas de esquadrão anti-bomba em Ipanema/Exclusive photos of anti-bomb squad in Ipanema

  1. Siri says:

    Wow – news in real time. This is not a good situation, to say the least.

  2. B Mak says:

    The news is sounding more and more like a movie everyday. So what were the boxes for? And did one pf them really explode?
    I heard that the explosion this morning was from a bueiro in Copacabana,which was disconcerting considering it is not the first one we’ve had.
    I hope our movie will have a Hollywood ending.

    • Rio real says:

      According to Globo, the boxes were part of an ad campaign for the “Avião do Faustão”. The agency supposedly didn’t receive clearance from city hall but went ahead, anyway. There were no explosions in relation to the boxes. One was indeed in Copa, however. Strange that no one saw them being unloaded, no! A Hollywood ending would be wonderful!!

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