Questionable cultural upkeep

O Globo reported this past Saturday on the city of Rio de Janeiro’s spotty support for most of its ten cultural centers, citing  lack of planning, partnerships, budgets, staff and exhibits, plus leaky roofs and broken air conditioning. According to the report, the cause of what the paper calls a “culture of abandonment” is lack of continuity. “Planning was suspended with the arrival of the new municipal culture secretary, Emílio Kalil,” says Globo. “who substituted Ana Luisa Lima, who in turn  took the place of Jandira Feghali, in April”. Feghali left the post to run for congress, and was elected in October 2010.

Tourists visiting Rio on a rainy week are often hard put to occupy their time, once they’ve  seen the vibrant cultural centers of the Banco do Brasil and the Caixa Econômica Federal. Many museums suffer a lack of public and private support.

But RioRealblog’s Cariocapédia tab lists many new cultural undertakings being planned or built. Will they receive long-term support?

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  1. Barbara Harrington says:

    In your list of working cultural centers for a rainy or sunny day, don’t forget Instituto Moreira Salles in Gávea — there’s a fantastic Rodechenko exhibit there until Feb. 5.

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