Elite Squad 2 at Sundance: sole online critic so far loved it

“Face-meltingly kick-ass” is how blogger “Vince Mancini” described the Brazilian blockbuster , which portrays a Rio de Janeiro under the thumb of paramilitary groups, strongly suggesting that the root of the problem lies in state politics.

The film was exhibited hors concours at the Sundance Festival, yesterday, at the same time as Red State, which drew most journalists. Next month it’s on at the Berlin film festival. In April the DVD goes on sale in Brazil, but it’s not yet known when it premiers in the USA.

“I loved Elite Squad 2.  It’s meat and potatoes and more.  It melted my face off and kicked my balls in,” writes Mancini.

The comments on the post are worth a read, too. “I haven’t seen the movie,” says one. “But after reading this review, I need a cigarette.”

See also this post, written at the time the film premiered in Brazil. For a preview in English with review blurbs, click here.

About Rio real

American journalist, writer, editor who's lived in Rio de Janeiro for 20 years.
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