Missing link / O link que faltava

Dear Reader by subscription

To watch our new video / para assistir o vídeo novo

The trash strike is spreading

The trash strike is spreading

For some reason, WordPress doesn’t embed YouTube videos in posts that go by email to subscribers.

So here’s the link to our new video. You can click on the captions icon just under the screen, to read subtitles in English.

Sorry and thanks for watching!

Não tem a força

Não tem a força

Por algum motivo, a WordPress não inclui vídeos no meio do post, quando vai diretamente por email aos assinantes.

Então, o link é esse.

Desculpem o transtorno! Agradecemos a atenção.

About Rio real

American journalist, writer, editor who's lived in Rio de Janeiro for 20 years.
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6 Responses to Missing link / O link que faltava

  1. jeff sher says:

    Congrats on your first video. Looks good.

  2. Elizabeth Leeds says:

    Adorei o video. Parabens, Julia

  3. Addison Jump says:

    Thanks Julia for a well-made and significant video. Americans and Brazilians have so much to share with one another — common problems that are not however identical because the cultures are different. I hope you obtain a patron for the current project. Most of all I hope you can secure support to tackle more difficult and controversial themes. As you said, how can Americans and Brazilians be very concerned about garbage in our public spaces when there is unpunished corruption in our public assemblies? Awareness and action are needed to effect cleanups in both spheres.

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