The favela alley: asset or liability?

Favela alleyways may be one of the next big public policy challenges for Rio de Janeiro.

Para Becos de Favela: prejudicam ou facilitam? clique aqui

RioRealblog TV went to Rocinha favela to learn about becos, or alleys. There, we found that a huge part of the favela, most of it in fact, is made up of these narrow passages.

We spent several hours in an alley making our video. We shared the joy of children playing and the seriousness of adults, hurriedly squeezing past our tripod, carrying babies, backpacks, groceries and building materials.

Alleys came into being because Brazil doesn’t have enough low-income housing to meet demand. Where land is available — usually where no one else wants to live — people build their homes. In West Zone favelas, with cheaper real estate, there are fewer alleys and more streets. In the North and South Zones, more central areas where people have been living longer, the sought-after square meter is worth more. Favela construction is denser and there are more alleys.

Some favelas are basically made up of alleys, with just one main road that cars can drive on.

We know that alleys present challenges for health, sanitation and public safety, among other urban needs. How to deal with these challenges?

See our new video — and don’t forget to click on the captions icon to read the English subtitles

And here, see what the state government is plannning to do regarding another Rocinha alley, Rua Um:

You can read more about this project, part of the Rocinha PAC III, here.

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10 Responses to The favela alley: asset or liability?

  1. Beautifully filmed and edited, Julia! Great piece of journalism, thanks for making it.

  2. Gerry Eigen says:

    Julia, I thought the filming was well done… the caption translation could have been clearer…

    Great effort…

  3. Ernie says:

    Parabens, Julia. This is great work. Anybody who cares about Rio HAS to to read (and see) your blogs. Your coverage of the “real” city–the people, how they live and how things ought to be improved–is unique and revealing. Thanks for shedding so much light on these issues that will determine if Rio soars or stumbles in the years ahead. Ernie

  4. Gerry Eigen says:

    Julia, I watched the video again with the new captions and it made the whole intent of the video clearer… Congrats on 4 years… We know that it will endure!!!!!

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